Exposition at Seats2meet Strijp-S Eindhoven

Exposition at Seats2meet Strijp-S Eindhoven
My exposition at Seats2meet Strijp-S Eindhoven! Today the last 2 paintings were finally moved to their proper spot (above the couch). Very proud to have them hanging in this place where I go to work every day for a couple of years now. Thanks to Seats2meet and Helma Schellen for letting me dislay these paintings here.

Hier nog wat tekst over de schilderijen/mezelf om erbij te hangen die ik al een tijdje aan Helma Schellen beloofd heb.

Al een jaar of drie is Seats2meet Strijp-S mijn favoriete flex-werkplek vanwege de inspirerende ruimte, ontspannen atmosfeer en de uitstekende dagelijkse gezamenlijke lunch. Ergens in 2016 in een gesprek met Helma Schellen (enthousiaste community/communicatie manager Seats2meet Eindhoven Strijp-S) over onze gedeelde interesse voor de schilderkunst kwam het ter sprake om een paar van mijn schilderijen bij Seats2meet op te hangen. Het leek mij wel een leuk idee om een bijdrage te doen aan de atmosfeer van mijn favoriete werkstek, maar op dat moment had ik qua thematiek en formaat nog geen werk waarvan ik dacht dat het goed zou passen in de ruime industrieel aandoende omgeving. Na regelmatig door Helma aan het idee te zijn herinnerd, begon ik in de herfst van 2017 te werken aan een serie schilderijen met als thema historische gebouwen in Eindhoven. Niet ontoevallig liggen de gebouwen in Strijp-S en omgeving. Ik heb regelmatig op mijn fietstocht van/naar Seats2meet een kleine omweg gemaakt om foto’s te maken die ten grondslag liggen aan deze serie. En in december 2017 was het eindelijk zover! Het heeft een jaar van inweken, porren van Helma, voorbereiden en noeste arbeid gekost tussen de bedrijven door, maar het resultaat was eindelijk daar en ik ben trots dat ze nu hier hangen! Ik hoop dat de bezoekers en de medewerkers er een beetje van genieten en dat het deze al hele fijne locatie nog iets extra’s geeft.

Inmiddels is het 2018, en ik ben aan het broeden om deze serie voort te zetten en op enig moment in de komende jaren een bundeling uit te brengen in de vorm van een boekje. Er is genoeg te zien en beleven in Eindhoven, en dit is leuke manier om op zoek te blijven naar interessante plekken in Eindhoven, ook al woon ik er inmiddels al heel lang. Eind 2018 hoop ik weer een volgende serie met jullie te kunnen delen!

Dog portrait commissions

I’ve been doing a few dog portraits for fun (I like to paint animals) in the second half of 2017 and posted them on reddit. They received some nice responses and a few people have asked if I did commissions. So in this post I’m putting together some information!

First of all: at the moment I can do a dog portrait for €125, the size being 7×10″ watercolor paper. Right now I can’t do other sizes, because mailing becomes a lot more cumbersome for larger sizes (which I could do, but the price would get higher). The price includes postage. I have time for about 1-2 paintings per week in my spare time. Mail from the Netherlands to the US takes roughly 2 weeks (track and trace is provided).

About the photo reference: the most important thing is good lighting, and second most important thing is composition. Good lighting is cross lighting (no frontal flash!), and preferably the light will highlight the dogs eyes/face. See this excellent reference photo of Ralph the beagle:

Also this photo illustrates good composition, the photographer is at about the dog’s eye level. Often dogs are photographed from above, and this makes for a poor composition.

Send me an e-mail at wout@woutdezeeuw.com for working out the details. Messages on reddit are difficult to track down.

Here are some dog portraits I’ve been doing in the last few months, hope you enjoy them!

Beagle portrait
Beagle portrait
Copper the beagle
Copper the beagle
Ralph the beagle
Ralph the beagle
Ralph the beagle
Ralph the beagle

Ideas for food chapter interior

Wondering if a semi-open lowered ceiling would work in the Food Chapter restaurant part of seats2meet Eindhoven. It kinda reminds me of a garden pergola, it’s a bit more intimate, but not claustrophobic. Also it still let’s light through (there’s large windows on one side of the restaurant). From there my mind wandered to botanical gardens, and greenhouses, see pics below.

French garden (from http://www.home-designing.com/2013/03/traditional-french-country-home):

Botanical gardens are fantastic, not sure if it’s possible to replicate that atmosphere in a smaller space (from https://www.phipps.conservatory.org/plan-your-special-occasion/facilities-overview):

On a smaller scale, green houses! Greenhouse restaurant in Copenhagen (from https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/gardenista-sourcebook-for-outdoor-living-3748417/vakst-a-greenhouse-restaurant-in-copenhagen-4886327168):

I like the wall texture here, giving it a more organic feel:

There are many variations on the theme, this is a bit more fancy:




Portable palettes

I saw a photo of Joseph Zbukvic doing some plein air urban sketching using the Winsor & Newton fieldbox. It looked pretty practical with integrated water container, so I just ordered one from amazon.de with the Cotman watercolors, a lot cheaper there than in the Netherlands.

For pics and other portable palettes read this nice review by Daniel Novotny: https://www.ateliernovotny.com/2017/07/21/101-4-6-how-to-set-up-your-watercolor-palette-portable-palettes-paintboxes/.

Saatchi art commission increase

Saatchi art decided to up their tax from 30% to 35%, whilst calling this a “slight increase”. For those of us who did math, this is a 16.6% revenue increase for Saatchi art.

In an important e-mail Saatchi art justifies it as follows: “Saatchi Art has not increased its prices since 2011”. Imagine your tax going up every 6 years. They are portraying a margin increase as a price increase. I can’t believe how dumb Saatchi art thinks their customer base is.

Materials used in watercolor class.

Here’s a list of materials used for my first watercolor class. All of the materials were ordered at www.gerstaecker.nl, unless mentioned otherwise. This is cheaper if you order enough so you don’t pay for shipping (above €99). Locally in Eindhoven, van Beek is a nice shop (vanbeekart.nl). I will show a few watercolors in van Beek on the first floor on Oct 1 and Oct 8, from 11:00 until 16:00, you are welcome to visit me!

Paints: Vincent van Gogh, 10 ml tubes. This is the student quality line, which is more affordable than the artist quality line (Rembrandt). The quality is very good though (I read the pigments are the same in both lines). Colors used:

  • Azo yellow light (268)
  • Permanent red light (370)
  • Quinacridone rose (366), this is a very nice bright pink, very versatile, can be used for flowers, mixes nice skin colors, and with yellow it mixes a nice kind of ochre.
  • Burnt umber (409), a warm brown.
  • Sepia (416), a dark, cool brown. Mix with Indigo for greys and black.
  • Phtalo blue (570), fairly bright blue
  • Indigo (533), a very dark greyish blue
  • Hooker green light (644)

Brush: this was the most expensive item (together with the plastic boards), about €15: da Vinci, series 36 (Kolinsky-Rotmarter), size 8. This is a nice natural hair brush (natural hair is softer than synthetic). The size is suitable for smaller size paintings. For bigger paintings you need bigger (mop) brushes, but they quickly get a lot more expensive. This is a nice size to start playing around with.

Paper: Arches, 185g, rough. This is an artist grade type paper, 100% cotton. For smaller sizes 185g is ok, for larger sizes you might want to get the thicker 300g, but also more expensive ofcourse. The rough texture allows you to add texture to your paint strokes if you quickly skip over the paper with your brush. I bought a 10-pack of full sheets, and then cut them into 16 smaller ones. I would definitely not recommend skimping on the paper quality, the cheaper cellulose papers are very hard to work with and don’t give as good results.

Pencil: I like to use 2B pencils. Harder pencils are not dark enough sometimes, and can damage the paper. Kneaded erasers are nice for erasing on watercolor paper. Refillable pencils are convenient (e.g. 0.5mm or 0.7mm), because you never have to sharpen them, and you get thin lines. I just replace the standard fillings with 2B fillings.

Palette: cheapest I could find, about €4.46: Lei Niao, Thunderburd, 24 colours. Made in Taiwan. It’s not super robust, but it works, and the thing that’s important, the watercolor sticks flat to the plastic, so you can see the colors properly. Often the plastic is a bit “oily”, and the water beads, instead of staying flat, and it’s difficult to see the color. It takes time for these type of plastic palettes to break in. Bought here: http://www.schleiper.com/onlinecatalogue/articles/TEM275–peacock-plastieken-palet-met-deksel-rechthoekig-10x23cm?lang=nl. Found even cheaper (€3.15) here: http://www.kunstmateriaal.be/product_info.php?cPath=32_36_54&products_id=2344. If you wanna get all from the same shop to save on shipping, you could try this one: http://www.gerstaecker.nl/Verf-Mediums/Toebehoren-schilderen/Paletten/Kunststof-palet.html. It’s €7.82, I haven’t tried this palette.

Tape: just some acid free paper tape, bought in the physical van Beek store (http://vanbeekart.nl/).

All these web shops charge a fee of about €7 perhaps for shipping, unless you order above some amount.

Tip: put away your painting while it’s wet to continue painting later.

Put away your painting while it's wet to continue painting later.
Sometimes it takes longer finishing your painting than you thought and you have to stop painting to go to an appointment. When you’re painting on wet paper (you wet both sides of the paper before you started painting), you can flip your board upside down on a surface that’s sealed so it will stay moist. Then the next day you can continue painting while the paper is still moist and flat on the board. I put some weights on it to keep the board tight to my table.