Wout-Karlsruhe-2My name is Wout de Zeeuw, I live in Eindhoven the Netherlands. I am a professional computer programmer writing my own CAD software and a watercolor enthusiast in my spare time. On this web site I am sharing my watercolors and my experiences with painting.

After a 20 year break from any artistic activities I decided in 2012 to pick up painting and began with a portrait painting course (acrylic) at the CKE in my home town which I did for 2 years.

In that period I had done a few watercolors just for fun, but I had no clue what I was doing. I didn’t have the right paper, didn’t have the proper tools etc, and above all what I was painting was pretty bad.

In Summer of 2015 I somewhat by accident took a wonderful watercolor workshop with Liu Yi in Spain (I had originally wanted to join Joseph Zbukvic’s workshop, but he was fully booked). This really opened my eyes about the amazing possibilities of watercolor. It taught me a lot about wet in wet technique and what tools, paper and paints to use. Since then I am fully dedicated to watercolors, and diligently produce one watercolor per week in my free time. I enjoy trying new things and to keep learning and getting better.

I often share my works on reddit.com/r/art and /r/watercolor. It helps me understanding what the strong and weak points are in my works, and at the same time seeing what other artists are doing. Lately (late 2017) I’ve been getting some wonderful positive feedback, and I’ve done a few dog portrait commissions for several people. These exchanges have been really nice, and I’m excited I can provide art that makes people happy.

While I have learned a lot technique wise, I still have a long way to go art wise. My focus for the coming years (or decades) will be to better capture mood and lighting and building proper compositions. My favorite subjects are people (faces, figures), horses, dogs, birds and city scapes. I also plan to do some Dutch land scapes in the future.

Besides watercolors I regularly join drawing/painting meetup groups around Eindhoven. Groups where you can regularly find me are: the Drawing/Painting from the live model – Meetup, the Brabant Urban Sketchers and the Hub Eindhoven for Expats.

I can be contacted through my e-mail: wout@woutdezeeuw.com

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  1. Your work is stunning. I am in awe of your “watery” style which I am trying very hard to master. I am an illustrator trying to loosen up which is why I have chosen this medium.

    You are extremely talented.

    : )

    1. Oh thank you very much! Somehow I didn’t see the notification of your kind message, hence this super late reply. Keep enjoying creating!

  2. Hallo,
    nun auch hier nochmal mein Lob für deine Aquarelle. Habe schon auf Instagram ähnliches geschrieben.
    Vielleicht hätte ich schon früher mit aquarellieren beginnen sollen (bin 1947 geb.,). Trotzdem bin ich ich ledenschaftlich dabei und produziere auch wöchentlich mindestens ein Aquarell und jährlich ein PleinAir-Malreise.
    LG Bernd

    1. Thank you Bernd, never too late to learn and enjoy watercolors! Great that you paint outside too, it’s something I still aspire to do more.


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